SEL Food Sales provides the food ingredients needed to make food products exceptional. Click on "Principals" to see our full line of food suppliers. Principals

1Ice Cream Ingredients

Cookies ‘n Cream Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Baked Cake Pieces
Cookie Pieces
Bases, Variegates, Coatings, Toppings
Flavors and Extracts (Natural, N&A, Artifitial)
Vanilla (Categories I, II and III)
Peanut Butter Cups (chopped or whole minis)
Custom flavor creation and ingredient formulation
Burnt Sugars for Natural Caramel Color, Flavor, and Flavor Masking
Chocolate Coatings, Chunks, Powders

2Bakery Ingredients

Flavors and Extracts
Vanillas (All bean types and legalities)
Caramel pieces and spreads and fillings
Candy inclussions (pralined nuts, toffees etc.)
Burnt Sugars for Natural Caramel Color, Flavor, and Flavor Masking
Bake Stable Inclusions (Barks, Nougats, Panned – Coated or Extruded Candies/Bits)
Chocolate Coatings, chips, chunks, flakes, powders

3Dry Blending/Savory ingredients

Air Dried Dehydrated Vegetables
Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits
Pasta (all shapes; standard and instant)
Extruded Fruit flavored bits and particulates
Yeast Extracts
Cocoa Powders
Dry Flavors (Vanilla, Fruits, Nuts, Milks, Mints, etc.)
Contract Blending and Product Development

4Nutritional Ingredients

Functional Nutritional Ingredients
Flavors, Extracts & Masking Agents
Natural Caramel Color, Flavor Enhancing, Masking and Shelf Life Extension
Inclusions for Dry Blended Shakes and Protein Drinks

5Other Services

R&D Services
Dry Blending Toll or Co-Packing
Shelf Stable Liquid Filling and Co-Packing
Printed Packaging, Cartons, Labels, Pouches and Bags
Graphic Designing

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